Buy A Good Fitting Backpack

Unless your pack fits properly, it won’t feel right, even if it’s supposed to be the Rolls Royce of backpacks. The best contemporary backpacks are virtually tailored garments compared to off-the-rack, one-size-fits-most models. The most important measurement for a comfortable pack is torso length. Everyone’s torso is different and it doesn’t always depend on height. So measure your torso and hit the stores prepared.

Since torso length is of utmost importance so the pack rests just right on your hips. It shouldn’t sag, nor rest so high it squeezes your kidneys.

Besides overall pack sizes, the best packs offer different sizes of hipbelts and shoulder straps.

Walk around carrying the pack, loaded with the full amount of weight you intend to carry on the trail. You’ll feel the best pack grab onto your back and have no discernible hot spots. With the right backpack the load will feel so perfectly distributed that you’ll wonder if you forgot something. You should be able to sashay your hips freely, swing your shoulders fullyand raise your legs without ever feeling drawn off balance.

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