Choosing Camping Gear

So you have decided to join the countless other Americans who are camping this year but you need some help in choosing what to take with you. This site features some of the types of camping gear that you will need and tips on how to choose the best for your camping style.

The first step is to determine what type of camper you are. Do you require a fully loaded recreational vehicle or are you comfortable carrying your tent, bedding and food to a remote location where few other people go? That is going to make a great deal of difference in the kind of camping gear that you and your party need.

A tent is the first thing to choose. It will provide you with shelter from the elements and bugs. An important consideration is how many people will be sleeping inside and what type of bedding you plan on using as well as a little elbow room. Headroom is important if you feel claustrophobic or plan on spending much time inside.

Color is important to consider because certain colors handle the ultraviolet rays of the sun better the others do, for example, light colors will reflect the light and bright orange or yellow allow it to be seen easily by rescuers.

Spend time researching and looking at tents before buying one. A cheap tent may develop problems with broken zippers and split seams but if you do not do a lot of camping a cheaper model may suit your needs fine. You want to buy the best all around weatherproof tent that you can afford if you plan on camping year around. One good place to look is http://www.overstock.com; it will have good deals on overstocked camping gear.

Sleeping bags are the next most important item. It will matter if you pay a little extra and get a good one that will last longer with normal usage and will withstand the cooler temperatures. A sleeping mat is a good choice for underneath the sleeping bag because not many camping sites have nice level places to sleep.

The stove is the next thing item of camping gear to consider. Most stoves are fueled by propane or liquid fuel. Coleman stoves were important in World War II and have been used by countless people since. Their website is http://www.coleman.com and it often has deals not seen in sporting good stores. Many public campsites have a charcoal grill set up all you have to provide is the charcoal and the gear to cook with.

Be sure to bring a variety of clothes, a map, because weather can change fast, a simple first aid kit, extra batteries for any lamps and a few favorite items for the kids. A camping checklist is an essential item, it is hard to open cans if you forget to bring the hand can opener. Have fun and be sure to take lots of pictures.

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