Buying Fishing Waders

Go figure that buying a pair of waders to fish with is going to be such a complex task, and take so much study time. They are nothing more than a pair of long boots to keep your feet dry right?

The reality is that there are so many new and old varieties that a little study is going to be in order to get the best pair with the things you want for your fishing trip.

Not that long ago, all waders were made of rubber, and although there was a huge difference in quality and construction, the bottom line was that they were rubber waders, came up to your chest and usually kept you dry.

Today’s market is a lot different. While rubber waders are still part of the market and still cost effective, they are the least favored material among fishermen because they weight you down, and not very comfortable.

Sir Francis Evolution Waders

If you don’t fish often and they don’t get much use, the simple truth is that they will be your best bet because they are inexpensive and they do keep you dry.

The next out on the market was neoprene. Its that same material that you get in a wetsuit, its stretchy, it clings well, its lightweight and keeps you warm inside them… sometimes too warm.

Summertime in a super hot humid environment can be unbearably hot in neoprene, but they are middle of the road in pricing, they are fairly comfortable on a cooler day and they are lighter in weight and easier to move in, again, provided that you don’t have to walk a long distance in a hot environment.

If you’re in it for looks, they aren’t exactly haute couture if you’re not in the best physical shape, but if you can handle those limitations, and your budget is limited, then neoprene is the way to go at about 250-400 dollars.
You can find the middle of the road, or state of the art in Neoprene at Cabela’s Outdoors.

The last option that you have today are what are known as breathable waders, which are the newest and most innovative in waders and wader design.

These are the BMW of waders, featured in all the newest sports magazines, fishing guides and on every fishing show you’re going to see.

They are made from numerous new materials, that keep the water out, but permit your body heat and perspiration to escape the waders, and are the lightest and most comfortable of waders.

They aren’t nearly as snug as neoprene and they are in fact comfortable to walk in, even on a very warm day, and as well as light weight, are cool when the humidity goes up because they permit your body heat out.

They have come a long way from the original rubber boot of your dads fishing trip. There are some good selections of waders of all varieties available to you online or offline.

Bass Pro is one of the best places to find a good variety and a reasonable price.

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