Gearing Up For Bowfishing

Bowfishing is making a huge comeback and is actually legal in most areas. Make sure that you check yours and provide yourself with the required licenses before you begin, but let me tell you that nothing beats bowfishing, particularly if your quarry is a huge alligator gar.

If you’re already a bow hunter, your normal bow for hunting should be just what you need, but you will also want to bear in mind that bowfishing can be hell on equipment so you might just want to consider getting a second one to use just for that..

The online auctions such as Ebay are just full of recurves and compounds that have seen better days but will work nicely for what you want.

For the average fish, a forty pound draw is going to be as much as you need, but perhaps a bit more for shark and gar, and things that weigh in a bit more.

For the most part, you’ll probably be shooting at carp type fish so choose accordingly.

Bowfishing Arrows A decent arrow rest is the next order of business, and since fishing arrows are a good bit heavier they are going to need a more solid resting place than you’re using for hunting.

I’d suggest a specialized arrow rest like those you can find at Sully’s Bowfishing Stuff or Cabelas.

They are only going to cost you about ten- twenty dollars, but if you use your normal arrow rest, its going to be quite avidly beaten and cost about three times that to replace.

For a lot of years the standard arrows were made of fiberglass, but currently they are heavy carbon and cost about thirty dollars each including the arrow head.

The catch of a 10 hour bowfishing trip Frankly the fiberglass works nearly as well, cost about a third as much as the carbon ones and will take almost as much abuse as the more costly ones.

You’re going to need a reel to hold the line and help to dispense it.

This can be a large hoop, or a solid reel that you wrap manually, or you can select to bite in a bit deeper into the sport and get yourself one of the better variety such as the AMS Retriever.

Hoops and solid reels are the cheapest, but also the slowest since they mean that you to retrieve and wrap your line by hand, but for less than twenty dollars most people opt for that option.

Large spinning reels and mounts will set you back around sixty dollars, as will an AMS Retriever but if speed is what you need then take a look at them.

Bowfishing target practise

Bow fishing for fish such as carp and gar is a great sport for bow hunters that will help keep you and your shooting skills sharp. Take advantage of your bow in summer as well as fall, and perhaps enter one of the number of bow fishing tournaments held every summer across America.

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