Marine Electronics, Fish Finders

I started fishing when I was a little girl on the banks of Pine creek in Venango County Pennsylvania.
I’ve been fishing ever since, for nearly as long as I can remember, and let me tell you, things in the fishing community and in gearing up have changed a whole lot since we started.

I spent hours fishing for Bass in ponds, Perch in lakes and brook trout in creeks and streams.

One of the man fishfinders on the market today

My father took us fishing to Lake Erie before I was old enough to net them without help, and at that time, we’d catch fifteen or twenty in a day, putting half of them back because they were too small. It wasn’t uncommon either, to catch a lot of junkfish, and cartoon like, a few boots into the bargain.

The sixties brought us the newest gadget, the fish finder. A neanderthal gizmo that was at that time state of the art.. a wheel with a glowing red light that alerted us to .. something.. below us.. if you could read the light right, you could eventually learn to decipher between baitfish, and a submerged log, but it took some time to get it right. I never did to tell you the truth, but my dad was inordinately proud of his.

Then in the 80’s along came the LCD fish finder with sounders that used an LCD screen that permitted more accuracy and helped you to better judge baitfish from larger fish from debris in the water. Simple and straightforward, they still showed the fish as small straight lines on the screen.

Furuno FCV-620 Color Fishfinder

They weren’t all that but they were a far cry better than their ancestor.
Todays fish finders are miracles of marine electronics, showing in vast detail the things that are below your boat. They will offer you a better look at predators, baitfish and anything else thats down there.

Add them together with a chart plotter and you’ve got yourself the absolute ultimate in fishing tools.

They aren’t at all difficult to use, and you can load charts (electronic charts that it) of any body of water in the world. to give you safe and easy navigation around the body of water you’ve chosen to fish on.

One feature that you’re going to use again and again is the ability to put an icon on the chart so that you can mark the spot where you found fish and leave it in the chartplotter for several years, allowing you to go back to that place without any problems and without relying on your memory that you found accidentally while fishing, even if you wait a year or more before you try it again..

Whether you’re a beginner, a rank amateur or a well seasoned professional fisherman, one of todays fishfinders and chartplotter combinations are something that will make your fishing trips more profitable, more fun and keep you catching fish for years to come.

To check out a full range of the awesome power of the modern day fish finder and chart plotters, check out GPS NAVPRO.

Did I mention.. even a dummy can use one??

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