Underwater Fishing Cameras

Like any other fisherman, you’d love to see whats really going on down there under the water or the ice.

With todays technology you can get rid of the age old mystery and increase your knowledge about whats happening under there by the use of a fishing camera made for under the water.

An underwater fishing camera isn’t all that expensive, and is a great tool as well as being just plain fun to use.
Cabela’s, one of our favorite outfitters has them ranging in price from about 150 USD, up to 500 or 600 dollars, so no matter what your budget is you can find the one thats right for you.

Underwater Fishing Camera

The underwater camera can tell you if your fishing techniques are working, where the fish are and just put you more in touch with the fish, and how they are behaving on any given day.

You can have a birds… or in this case, a fishes eye view of whats happening down there in the fishes natural environment.

You suddenly have eyes under the water and you didn’t even get your feet wet.

An underwater fishing camera can help you to see and learn the different fish species, watch how they are reacting to the bait you’re using on any given day and if you’re ice fishing, you’ll know before they bite what kind of fish you’re reeling in and how large or small it may be.

Sonar of course can detect the fish, but it certainly can’t tell you how they will view your choice of bait and whether its a shad or a crappie.

Your underwater camera can also tell you whether you’re in a rock bottom area or a soft bottom, whether there are snags, cover for trhe fish or what else might be down there to help you avoid problems before they happen.

To be honest, I love mine just for the entertainment value. Ever try fishing with a few bored kids and you’re going to find that the underwater camera is worth its weight in gold just to entertain them while you pull in the latest catch.
You can also record things underwater and bring it home to show the rest of the family.

Color Underwater Fishing Monitor & Camera System There are so many different makes and models, and so many options to select from that at times its hard to choose, but to be honest, all you really need is the ability to see whats beneath you so a clear shot is what you’re looking for.

You should select a camera that will permit you to see under the water from about two feet, up to perhaps forty feet.
The distance you’re going to need in fresh water is probably 15 to 20 feet, so make sure that you’ve got a clear shot for that distance and you probably have what you need in a camera.

Your underwater camera can easily be attached to your down rigger, or can be towed through the water on the HST (high-speed tow) accessory,up to 12 knots and have your lures drag directly behind the camera to catch anhy fishing strikes on video.

These little underwater cameras can look straight down or to the side, and even look slightly back up towards the surface. They are incredibly adjustable and versatile.

Most have several options for controlling the camera, a stabilizer fin for high current areas and a camera rotation handle for low current areas.

If you are looking for your next fishing purchase, something you’re going to use again and again to help you with your fishing as well as to entertain you and make the fishing adventure just a little more fun, check out underwater cameras.
You’re going to wonder what you did before you got one.

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