Gearing Up for Spring Gobblers

Killing a turkey, as anyone will tell you, isn’t quite as easy as it sounds.
Some of them are wary and wily and even getting in close is going to be a pretty neat trick.
While not every thing on this list is something you’re going to Have to have, hunting turkey is such a rapidly changeable situation that the moment you don’t have it, is just when you need it.

In many instances several types of calls are going to be necessary because the birds aren’t responding to the one kind you picked to use and having a spare isn’t a bad idea. Likewise the clothing and several other aspects of the turkey gear.
Pack your bags as if you were going to need a little of everything and you won’t be the one telling the story about the turkey you “almost” bagged.

Basic Equipment will be:
Your shotgun, of course.
Turkey loads
Patterning targets
Camo blind (where these are permitted)
Water Bottle
First Aid Kit

Your Clothing should consist of:
Camo gloves
Camo facenet
Camo shirt
Camo pants
Camo jacket
Camo turkey vest or pack
Waterproof/snakeproof boots
Rain suit

Calls you might need are:
Box call
Diaphragm calls
Glass call
Gobble call
Tube call
Turpin/wingbone call
Crow call
Owl hooter call

If you’re an archery turkey hunter of course, the first batch of items will change to these:

Bow (camouflaged preferably)

Pack it up and get out there. That big boy with the beard draggin the ground isn’t going to wait around forever.

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