Hunting Dogs, Retrievers

Duck hunting is one of the favorite sports of the US hunter, with literally millions of dollars spent on gear, blinds, boats, equipment and guns, yet the thing we should most be concerned about, we very often don’t consider.
So how do we assure that our birds come back to us in one piece and don’t merely float away on the surface of the water they invariably fall into.

One of my own personal Labs, Kira

A retriever is the answer to this issue, and will gather your game, return it to you undamaged on either water or land. After some training by you, your retriever will bring the game back to you without any noted injury to the game bird, and lay it gently at your feet.

I love having a retriever, and as the proud owner of two 80 pound chocolates, I’m of course prejudiced by their incredible abilities, their gentle nature and their absolute devotion to work.

Retrievers, for those who aren’t familiar with them, are a gun dog that retrieves game for the hunter, both on land and in water.
They were originally bred for this purpose and as such have very gentle mouths, a soft grasp and a willingness, an absolute desire to please their owners that is unmatched.

These particular traits not only serve you well when hunting but also in the day to day life with the dog.
My own particular dogs Kira and Penny, both females, would literally retrieve anything, anywhere and run til their hearts stopped if I let them. They have had minimal training, took to the retrieving, as they say, like a duck to water, and would do anything you asked of them any time you asked it.

Copper Penny, another of my own labs is, as you can see, quite tolerant of new things

Labs are solid dogs, quite muscular and have a very short coat that is remarkably easy care, which combined with their temperament makes them one of the most popular dogs in the United States today.

If you are searching for the perfect retriever, combined with a family pet that will be completely loyal to home and hearth, and be your most ardent admirer and companion, a Labrador Retriever is going to be hard to beat.
When you purchase your Retriever, a few considerations are in order.
Make certain that you select from a reputable breeder, and see the dogs in action as a littler.
If they’ve been confined to kennel, have had little or no human interaction this is probably not the dog you want.
If possible, view both parents, and pay particular attention to their temperaments.
Check for hip guarantees, as this is one of the few issues with Labs and retrievers.
Expect to pay between 300 and 500 dollars for a decent pup, but that to me seems a fairly small price to pay for years and years of enjoyment, companionship and assistance in your hunting.

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