Buying Cycling Glasses

Cool glasses are the in thing for cyclists everywhere. You see everyone from the likes of Lance Armstrong to the local bike shop boys sporting these stylish monstrosities. The truth is they can be beneficial and can provide you with extra protection for your eyes. But you need to know how to get the bang for your buck!

Material Safety
Most cycling glasses these days are made from some polycarbonate material and it’s important to remember that these glasses will be near your eyes. With the danger of a fall you’ll see why you don’t simply want any old sunglasses. Be sure that the cycling glasses you choose have shatter proof materials.

UV Ray Protection
Just about any good pair of glasses is going to provide 100% UV protection. The misconception is that these rays are only bothersome on sunny days. The UV rays are also present on cloudy days and are a main source of squinting and eye fatigue or strain. Good cycling glasses can protect your eyes.

We all know that style is important, but function should be even more important. Try on the glasses you are looking at. Can you see well Do they fit snuggly but not tightly for longer rides How is your peripheral vision with the cycling glasses on You don’t want to lose sight of the cars or bikes coming from beside you.

Colorful Tints
Some colorful tints promise to provide added features. The truth is that some features do help while others don’t. For example, yellow and amber are great for low light situations like mountain biking in the forest. Be sure to make sure that your tint is worth the price for what it really provides.

You truly do not have to spend an arm and a leg to buy good cycling glasses. While it can be tempting to spend a fortune to obtain glasses that are ultra stylish, remember the keys to the glasses you choose are functionality and safety. Everything else is secondary to your budget.

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