Choosing a Cycling Trainer

You could buy every piece of equipment you could ever need to go riding in the winter but sometimes it’s nearly impossible to get on your bike and pedal through the storm. These are the days when a cycle trainer comes in handy.

A cycle trainer can help you achieve your training goals even when you don’t want to brave the elements. By combining spinning and interval workouts, you can tune your cadence, practice proper breathing techniques, push your anaerobic threshold and enhance overall vascular and muscular strength.

How does a trainer work Trainers create resistance with the use of air, magnets or fluid. Of the three, the magnetic and fluid trainers are quieter and therefore are often found in apartments or shared housing situations. Air trainers are generally less expensive and offer the added benefit of using your power to cool you down.

To use a trainer, just hook up your bike by attaching the trainer to your rear axle usually an easy task. Then, get on the bike and start pedaling away. By providing pedaling resistance, the trainer enables you to mimic hills and flats.

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