Christmas Shopping for Your Hunter or Outdoors Person.

With the holidays just around the corner, every one who has an avid outdoors person in their life is asking themself what on earth to buy them for a Christmas gift, particularly if they don’t always share their enthusiasm for their spot of choice.

What kinds of Christmas gifts do you buy for the hunter? What does a fisherman want for Christmas? Is it appropriate to buy someone camping gear for Christmas?

I don’t know about you, but anything that works outside is something I’m going to use. Buy me a new compass, a decent winter sleeping bag, get me a cool solar radio for Christmas and I’m going to be in heaven.

Because there are a lot of folks out there who don’t really know what kinds of things to buy the outdoors man (or woman)for Christmas,  we’ve done our own little survey of some of the coolest things we’ve seen this year for the ardent outdoor enthusiast and made up a list for you to select from.

Some of the best of the best, as it were, of the little outdoor gadgets for Christmas gifts.

My own personal favorite, the one that is on my own outdoor Christmas list, is the one that  tops the list.

From the NRA store (yeah I know, thats a naughty word for some folks but I like the prices and I like the gear) comes this absolute necessity, perfectly sized to carry in your pocket on your little jaunts or longer treks. Its perfect for hunting,  for camping and its the perfect Christmas gift for your outdoor lover.

Microlink Emergency RadioPerfect for just about anything is this little microlink radio.  A compact emergency radio makes a perfect Christmas gift for an outdoors enthusiast. With an amazing size of about 5 by 2.5 inches and weighing in at under half a pound, the ultra compact has it all. Two solar panels to charge it up and a crank in case theres no sun.Two hours of sun gives you an hour of play, and when its dark, the three lights will help you see where you’re going.
If your cell phone is dying, plug it into the microlink to charge it via the solar panels, and with a 7 channel NOAA weather band and the EAS and FCC alerts, you’re going to know in plenty of time about that storm headed in.
When you’re in out of the weather, you can power it from your computers USB port, for you outdoor geeks ( yes we do exist) and the cellphone cord as well as your earphone jack is included in the price, which is just as compact as the unit at under 30 USD.

Next up, from Cabelas.com, where anyone who is anyone shops for the outdoors person in their life, this little gem is also on my top ten list of the perfect Christmas gifts for the hunter or fisherman

The Seattle Sports Micro Dry bag is a great Christmas gift for any angler. The fisherman will love the ability to take it with him and keep it dry, as well as the hunter.. or huntress as it were. How many of us have things we take along now that just don’t benefit from the addition of water when we’re out and about.

I know I do. The reality is that getting your ipod, or your cell phone, or nearly any other electronic thing such as your gps, soaked with water, doesn’t do it any favors. Keep thema ll dry with this compact light weight bag that has the awesome addition of being not just waterproof but also splash proof. Built of  70-denier Hex ripstop nylon, its easy to use and easy to close, using a three roll system that will keep out stray water and keep you able to use the electronics in the field when you need them. Retailing for under twenty dollars at Cabelas.

Next up, another Cabela’s gem,  Tasco’s Sierra 10×42 binoculars, low price and great quality. Retailing for about 40 USD, you can’t beat the cost and the quality will amaze you. Who doesn’t need a decent set of binoculars when you’re out and around, whether its for checking out that elusive white tail or just spotting river otters to get a good bead on where to set up your tripod for great photos.

New for the season, the Sierra Binoculars deliver you a bright, crisp view with premium multicoated optics. They are shockingly enough for the cost, 100% waterproof, as well as fogproof, built with a very cool rugged rubber armor that protects you against rough handling. (TELL me you’ve never dropped your favorite binoculars and held your breath til you picked them back up again!!) They also offer some decent magnification with a fairly good extended field of view and brightness. They are sealed in a reasonably tough waterproof housing, offer you center focus and can be adapted to use on a tripod? For under forty dollars for a Christmas gift for the outdoorsman, whats not to love?

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