FAQs – How do I travel downhill on snowshoes?

It is imperative to make sure that your bindings are fastened securely. If they are not, or don’t seem to be strong enough then your toes on your boots will be able to slip underneath the toe of your snow shoe which will make a quite embarrassing and possibly injurious face first fall into the snow.

The best way to go down hill is to put most of the pressure of your foot on the back of the snow shoe as you begin to descend.

If your snowshoes don’t have crampons and the snow is packed firmly into place, which will permit a slide, then put one shoe slightly in front of the other one and slide downhill, which is in fact the same way you’d want to go down hill if you were on skis and will work really well if you have snowshoes which have the uptilted toes.

Try to never jump from a smaller hill or drop off while wearing your snowshoes since quite often you’re going to land on the back portion, or the tail, which is the part most prone to breaking. Jumpin in them puts a great deal of stress on a fragile frame.

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