The canyons, deserts, cacti, mountains, ghost towns, Indian tribes and abundant sunshine make Arizona everything the Southwest is supposed to be. The most famous of all of Arizona’s features is the Grand Canyon, a destination for millions of visitors each year. But Arizona is more than the Grand Canyon, there are hundreds of miles of scenic land with many other large and small canyons just waiting to be explored. Several massive artificial lakes, formed by dams on the Salt and Colorado rivers, provide many recreational opportunities and a welcome relief from the summer heat.

A Map of Arizona, USA

Phoenix, the eighth largest and fastest growing city in the US. As a result of the desert location and low elevation, Phoenix may also be the hottest major city in the world. In the summer, the temperatures here regularly exceed 110F and occasionally have passed 120F. The city and its extensive suburbs are known collectively as the Valley of the Sun and are very popular as a warm winter resort and a retirement center.

Tucson, 110 miles southeast, is more compact and slightly cooler than Phoenix, and has an attractive location on a wide, cacti-filled plain nearly enclosed by mountain ranges.

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