Arkansas attracts visitors from across the nation and abroad. While many people visit Arkansas for rejuvenation, many come for relaxation. The waters of Eureka Springs and Hot Springs have long been known for their healthful qualities. The state has abundant opportunities for outdoor adventures and its natural beauty, as seen in the state’s waterfalls, tour caverns and wild caving experiences, forested mountain trails and scenic drives, is a major draw for many. Even more come to dig for keeper diamonds and quartz crystals. Arkansas is also restorative through the preservation of a lot of its past. With historic forts, vintage buildings and presentations of traditional music and crafts, there is a general sense that life moves at a relaxed pace reminiscent of previous decades. A trip across the state can lead from Mississippi River bottomlands to mid-America’s most prominent peaks; from a legacy of Deep South cotton culture to a town on a Wild West frontier.

A Map of Arkansas, USA

Among the stories told at stops in between are tales of Native Americans, pioneers who built the state, Civil War battles, an oil boom, blues and mountain folk music, diamonds, nine students who helped forge the spirit of the civil rights movement. Those who like the high energy and sophisticated entertainment of vacations to big cities may want to go elsewhere, but if you want to take it easy and enjoy beautiful, rural scenery, Arkansas is a place to visit.

There are numerous attractions that make Arkansas a must see vacation destination.

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