Chicago Illinois

Chicago, known to the world as the windy city, is the largest city in Illinois, as well as being the the largest city in the midwest, with a current population of over three million residents.

It is a sprawling metro area, which nearly links with Gary Indiana, when traveled through on Interstate 80, that is the easier way to arrive there from either direction.

The Chicago Water Tower, located on the Magnificent mile

The City of Chicago is almost entirely located in Cook County, with a small portion overlapping into DuPage County, while the metropolitan area extends over several counties.

Located at the site of a portage between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River watershed, Chicago was incorporated as a city in 1837.

It rapidly became a major transportation hub, as well as the business, financial, and cultural capital of the Midwest.

Since the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893,when many aweinspiring new things were seen and hinted at,  it has been regarded as one of the ten most influential cities in the world.

Planes in line for takeoff at Chicagos Ohare International Airport

“The history of Chicago is closely tied to that of Lake Michigan. Since before Chicago was founded, ships were bringing people and supplies from all points on the compass. Lake Michigan is the third largest of the Great Lakes, with a maximum depth of 925 feet (282 m) and a size slightly greater than the country of Croatia. The average depth off Chicago’s shore averages 15–35 feet. To reach greater depths, one must travel several miles out in the lake, or head north to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

The lake bottom off Chicago’s shore is littered with shipwrecks, ranging from schooners and tugboats to car ferries and even World War II airplanes. Scuba diving is a popular recreation for local residents, as are lakefront cruises. Zebra mussels, an invasive foreign species brought on the hulls of cargo ships, were discovered in Lake Saint Clair in 1988, and soon spread throughout the Great Lakes, impacting the ecosystem.

Famed architect Frank Lloyd Wrightes home in Oak Park, near Chicago

Chicago has some incredible vantage points of the surrounding area and has some wonderful outdoor opportunities as well with myriad parks and outside activities, while the indoor entertainment is unrivaled in the rest of the midwest, and can hold its own world wide.
Among the things not to be missed in Chicago,

DCA Music programs

Museum of Modern Ice, is just as it says and features weekend activities that are family oriented.

Gaze at the world’s largest Tiffany stained-glass dome, as well as beautifully ornate, multi-colored mosaics, marble and molding during guided architectural tours of the Chicago Cultural Center.

City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower
Dedicated to displaying Chicago-themed photographs by Chicago photographers, City Gallery occupies the first floor of the Historic Water Tower.

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