Estes Park

The beautiful mountain town, Estes Park is surrounded by the majestic Rocky Mountain and is the gateway to the number one tourist destination in Colorado — Rocky Mountain National Park. Nestled in a high mountain valley at just above 7,500 feet elevation, Estes Park is home to more than the year-around natural splendor of the nearby mountains.

This mountain village welcomes visitors of al ages with festivals, cultural experiences, downtown gardens, playgrounds, river walks, bike trails and grassy parks featuring sculptures of mountain wildlife. Victorian lights and sidewalk benches add an old fashioned feel to the array of charming shops and restaurants.


Estes Park, located in the Front Range of the Rockies, is a mid-sized community surrounded by natural splendor and right on the doorstep of Colorado’s most famous national park. Among the most photographed locations in the west, Rocky Mountain National Park includes over 400 square miles of beautiful mountain lakes, meadows and peaks. With its prime position at the east entrance, Estes Park is a natural starting point for visitors. While the surrounding territory is the prime attraction, Estes Park itself is a pleasant place to spend the day. A full range of dining, lodging and entertainment options are available in town and shops and art galleries are abundant on the main thoroughfares. Local attractions include the sprawling Stanley Hotel, which inspired Stephen King’s novel The Shining and several museums on pioneer and western history. Street sculptures, fun annual events and western-themed decoration bring additional color and character to this cheerful town.

Estes Park is in north central Colorado, just west of the Denver/Fort Collins metro corridor.

History & Culture

The Estes Park area has been a “resort” community for 10,000 years. The area attracted Ute and Arapaho Indian families for the summer. Drawn by the lure of pristine mountain surroundings, modern day visitors have included gunslingers, ranchers and inventors – one of whom was F. O. Stanley who opened his famed Stanley Hotel in Estes Park in 1909. More recently, Pope John Paul II visited the area in 1993 and the Emperor of Japan included Estes Park on his itinerary in 1994.


There is plenty to do in Estes Park for almost everyone. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or love to shop, you’ll find more than enough to keep you entertained. The biggest draw is the breathtaking beauty of the mountains serene, unchanged and majestic, ready to enjoy. While here, you can try fly fishing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing, horseback riding and the thrill of viewing mountain wildlife.


Estes Park’s beautiful dry climate attracts thousands of visitors each summer from hot, humid climates at lower elevations. The low humidity makes the hot summer days (average high in July is about 85) seem cool to those from other areas of the country. The cool evenings (it can dip to under 50 at night in July) are extremely comfortable. Mornings are almost always sunny, winter or summer.

The frequent summertime afternoon showers usually dissipate in time for the nightly display of stars in the sky and are made even more spectacular by the lack of urban light and air pollution. Winters are surprisingly mild, with highs usually in the 40’s and lows in the 20’s. Snow seldom stays on the ground for more than a few days. The village of Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are two of the most accessible mountain areas in the state of Colorado because there are no mountain passes to cross en route and because the highways are well maintained year-round.

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