Sedona is one of Arizona’s most popular destinations. Sedona is set amongst towering sandstone cliffs glowing with an energized red hue. Just north of town is Oak Creek Canyon with its own dramatic beauty, swimming holes, natural rock slides and camping in its cool forest. The convergence of energy vortexes that is said to exist in Sedona is a draw for those interested in new age religions. There are several vortex tours available for both the serious and those that just find it interesting.

The stunning natural beauty of the area combined with its relaxed atmosphere has drawn many artists to the area. Art galleries are numerous, offering many varieties of art in all price ranges.

Sedona is located 120 miles north of Phoenix in Arizona’s central mountains. It is 30 miles south of Flagstaff.


The dramatic otherworld scenery, thousand foot formations surrounding this unique town and some of the oldest exposed rocks on earth are just a few of the reasons that millions of visitors find their way to this location in Northern Arizona every year. Others come for the western history that is in abundance, the spiritual energy that makes Sedona famous, the thriving arts community, world class hiking, golf and the Southwest’s most famous jeep tours. Whatever the reason, visitors find clear air, a town full of eclectic characters and a visit they will not soon forget. Sedona stands alone in its incredible beauty and originality.

History & Culture

In October 1901, T. Carl Schnebly arrived with his wife and two children Ellsworth and Pearl, from their home in Gorin, Missouri. At the time there were only about six families who lived in the area. Carl decided to start one of the first fruit orchards in the area and then opened a little store to sell the produce. It soon became the social center of the community and a rest stop for the early westerners on their way from Jerome to Flagstaff. The Schnebly family realized that the biggest complaint of the residents was that it took too long to get their mail. It had to come from Flagstaff and could take months to receive.

In 1902 Carl sent off for a postal permit. His first choice for a name did not have too much to do with the beauty he saw around him. He liked the name Schnebly Station. He was notified that the name was too long to put on the cancellation stamp. On his second try he used his wife’s name, Sedona. It was approved by postal officials on June 26, 1902. Carl Schnebly was the first postmaster of Sedona.

Some people think that it must have been very glamorous having a town named after oneself. Actually, Sedona Schnebly did not have an easy time of it. Her family disinherited her for running off to Indian country to marry “that darn Carl Schnebly”.


A high desert community at an elevation of 4,500 feet, Sedona’s weather is generally mild, but still offers dramatic contrasts to those who visit and live in the area. During your visit you are likely to experience plenty of sunshine and gorgeous Arizona sunsets. During winter, there is the possibly of a dusting of snow of the Red Rocks.

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