Steamboat Springs

Tucked away in Colorado is a small town unlike any other. Steamboat Springs is a place where western heritage and genuine friendliness are as honored as the values of a time gone by. And a place where not a whole lot has changed in the last hundred
years. But now mixed in with the Stetson hats and cowboy boots, is the sophistication of a world-class resort. Sitting seven thousand feet up in the Colorado Rockies, nestled quietly in the mountains of Northwest Colorado, below one of the largest ski mountains in North America, sits a small ranching community that serves as a constant reminder that the Old West is alive and well.

Hazies, Steamboat Springs

Never far from its ranching roots, Steamboat Springs remains firmly linked to a Western tradition that sets it apart from every other ski resort in the world. SteamboatSteamboat Springs’ friendly locals give the town its famous Western charm. Steamboat boasts a rich history and small town feel, but with all the modern amenities, including shopping, dining and lodging to fit every need. With nearly 70 bars and restaurants, visitors will find a variety of ways to satistastebudstastebuds. Lodging options range from hotels and condominiums with outdoor pools to quaint, rustic cabins located off the beaten path.

Moose in early Spring

Steamboat Springs is the most accessible ski and snowboard destination in western Colorado. Daily flights from around the country bring winter visitors to this small mountain town with two adjacent ski areas, one of which has trained dozens of Olympic athletes. In summer, visitors can explore the nearby mountains on foot or bike, or enjoy one of several annual traditions including a hot air balloon festival and a marathon.

Steamboat Springs is nestled in the Yampa River Valley, with the stately peYampaf the Park Range in the background. It’s a pretty three-hour drive from Denver or a four-hour drive from Grand Junction.


There are quite a few opportunities for hikers near Steamboat Springs. Stop by the Steamboat Springs Visitor Center in town to see which trails are open and fit your level of skill. Wildlife is teeming anywhere and everywhere along the trails and there is always something to see.


Steamboat Springs is high in the mountains and receives an average of more than 13 feet of snowfall per year — and that’s in town. Nearby mountain passes are often closed in winter months, so allowing for some flexibility in your route is advised. During the coldest months of winter, temperatures rarely rise above freezing. Climate in spring and fall is crisp and summers are pleasantly warm.

Butterflies in Spring at Steamboat Springs

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