Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach, is currently the most populous city in Virginia, and is located on one of the most beautiful Atlantic coastlines in the country.

It is in the south eastern part of Virginia and is independent of itself, being part of no county at all.

The first English settlers to set foot in America landed at Cape Henry at the tip of Virginia Beach in 1607. The settlers were led by Captain Newport and John Smith, who barely avoided execution at the hands of his fellow colonists.

An early morning on the Chesapeake Bay

Newport and Smith did battle for control of the new settlement, known as Jamestown, until Smith was sent back to England by the colonists two years later.

Virginia Beach gained its reputation as a famous vacation resort in the 19th century, following the building of a railroad connecting its ocean front with Norfolk and the construction of its first hotel in 1883. Virginia Beach was incorporated as a town in 1906 and as a city in 1952.

In 1963, Princess Anne County and Virginia Beach merged.

Tourism is one of the very largest parts of Virginia Beaches economy, with more than three million people visiting and hiking these pristine beaches each year, and with good reason.

For a city the size of Virginia beach to have such a clean atmosphere and well cared for area is unusual at best.

There are ample opportunities for hiking, boating, sight seeing and biking in and around VIrginia Beach, and not a day will pass during your visit in this beautiful area that you can’t find something new to do and see.

The white sands of Virginia Beach gleam in the sun

Virginia Beach’s economy is also supported by four military bases and many industries, including agriculture, computer software, engineering, and technical services.

Virgina Beach is also noted for being one of the top honeymoon spots for newly wed vacationers, who come to lie in the sun on the pristine white sand beaches.

Additionally Virginia Beach is close to the surrounding Civil War historical areas, and has a full and rich history of its own, due to its eary colonization that can also be explored.

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