Connecticut doesn’t get the attention that some of its neighbors in New England but it shares many of the attractions that make the region a traveler favorite: colonial history, Atlantic beaches, nautically rich seaside villages, pastoral countryside. The simple reason may be that Connecticut doesn’t offer these sights in the same quantity and quality as other Northeast states. The Connecticut beaches aren’t anywhere near as impressive as those in Rhode Island or on Cape Cod. Its seafaring towns are not as quaint as Maine’s And its wooded hills are not as extensive as those in New Hampshire and Vermont.

A Map of Connecticut, USA

But sometimes less is more or at least more manageable. Connecticut presents a microcosm of New England within a small and easily covered area and that makes it a good choice for those who want to get a feel for the region but have limited time. And because it sits right outside New York City, Connecticut can be a pleasant addition to a tour of the Big Apple.

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