daho is an ultimate playground for weekend warriors and outdoor adventurers alike. Idaho is a land of clear rushing rivers, lush evergreen forests, towering mountains and deep blue alpine lakes. Most of Idaho’s terrain is a pristine wilderness. Bordering the dense forests of Oregon and Washington to the west; mountains of Glacier National Park to the north; and the vast expanses of Yellowstone to the east.

Idaho has spectacular mountain peaks, lakes, rivers and evergreen forests spread throughout the state. Hiking trails stretch hundreds of miles through state parks and full service alpine ski resorts. Over 24,000 miles of floatable river roar through the canyons for the best in whitewater rafting. The states many rugged and scenic mountains make perfect climbing and backpacking extravaganzas. Situated in the middle of the largest big game preserve in North America are eight of the most rugged Wild and Scenic Rivers in the U. S., cumulatively totaling more white-water river miles than any other state. Enjoy the hospitality of the friendly Idaho natives as you recharge your energy for another day of nonstop outdoor excitement.

A Map of Idaho, USA

The United States has preserved much of Idaho’s majestic wilderness areas for public recreation. Idaho has the third largest percentage of federally owned land outside Alaska and Nevada with the federal government owning 63 percent of the state, with the third largest percentage of federally owned land outside Alaska and Nevada. There are 14 National Forests, 22 State Parks, and 7 Wilderness Areas. Idaho’s Hells Canyon is scheduled to become the nation’s next National Park soon joining the recent additions at California’s Death Valley and Joshua Tree.

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