As strange as it sounds to many people who aren’t aware of the significant number of things available to do in Iowa, visiting this small, and often unknown state can be a wonderful vacation.

Iowa overflows with real and heartwarming hospitality, some very significant historical places, enchanting rolling hillsides and four distinct seasons that show nature at its very best.

Welcome To Iowa

The great lakes region, drenched in sunshine is just right for year round recreation, where you can retrace the footsteps of Lewis and Clark on their history making expedition.

Take in the prairie beauties with a sunset that is unmatched anywhere else on earth, wander down trails on foot or or horseback as you are awestruck by the skies, darkened to nearly midnight by the endless flocks of migrating waterfowl.

Iowa will let you visit a day of roller coaster rides and a night of baseball, or a trail ride, followed by a visit to an old 19th century farm, where the buffalo still roam the lands.

Knoxville Speedway will draw you back to the present with a sprint car run, or a chance to drive .

Let the wind carry you across a mid-western lake or carry you upwards in one of the many spectacular balloon rides, or fish in one of the states many freshwater lakes.

Iowa will take your breath away in one way or another.

Red Barn in Iowa

The autumn in Iowa brings with it a plethora of color as the bountiful harvests of corn, pumpkins and beautiful autumn florals are carried in to dazzle you.

Step back in time and cross the ocean figuratively as you enter an authentic old German village to sample wine, beer or delicious old world fare for dinner, or ride the riverboat casino down river to your destination in an old time charming bed and breakfast that overlooks the mighty Mississippi River.

Follow your nose, and your senses to history, Victorian decor or secluded caverns open for exploration.

Migrating Waterfowl in Iowa

Welcome to Iowa.

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