The Frontier west began in the state of Kansas, with cities such as Dodge City, and battles ovre the settlements, the range wars over cattle grazing, native Americans being settled here from the east, to the many conestoga wagon trains that took people in search of a new life and new opportunity.

In the old days of Kansas, it well earned its nickname of Bleeding Kansas.

Coronado Heights

Kansas has also a significant place in the Civil war history, and Fort Scott can offer a great deal of history from its vantage point as a single fort that witnessed both frontier days and the earlier parts of the Civil war.

Santa Fe Trail Marker

Marais des Cygnes Massacre State Historic Site is the site of the hostile battle over Kansas entering the union as a slave or free state that led to the American Civil War.

YOu can view the history first hand as you walk one of the largest civil war battlefields at Mine Creek, and then pay a visit to the Frontier Army Museum.
Off the beaten path, you can pay a visit to the home of some of the great pioneers, or visit a one room schoolhouse and see how life was in pioneer days.

One Room Schoolhouse in Kansas

You may also wish to spend a few minutes at the Mahaffie Stagecoach station, taking you back in time to a time when
wagon trains and stagecoaches traveled the Santa Fe Trail, the last remaining stop on the trail.

William Quantrill and his raiders are famous for the burning of Lawrence, a small town that was leveled by the border ruffians here. Pay a visit there before moving forward to shop on Massachussets street for nearly anything that you might like to find anywhere..

The night life ranges from Civil war reenactments to arts, sporting events or fine dining, or you might select to climb the nearly 300 stairs to the dome of the capitol building to look down on the night time lights and travelers.

Modern Day Kansas is also home to many storm chasers, where you can find a company who will permit you to accompany them in their search to locate as well as document severe weather.. and storm chasing companies who will take out hardy folks who’d like a view of the tornadic storms closer up..

Rope Tornado in Kansas

From Buffalo Soldiers, to Native Americans, to the Kansas rock formations known as the Kansas Pyramids, to modern day conveniences and events, Kansas truly has a taste of everything.

Kansas Pyramids

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