From the hills of eastern Kentucky to the rolling bluegrass in the center of the state to the lakes and flatlands of the west, Kentucky offers some variety for all visitors. Bluegrass means a lot of different things in Kentucky. First, there’s the famous grass itself more green than blue. Then there’s Bluegrass Country, where most of the horses are raised a region of immaculate rolling pastures, tidy white fences and large, stately mansions: This is the area of Kentucky’s royalty horse or human. Finally, there’s bluegrass music from the remote and beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

Visitors to Kentucky can experience all the varieties of bluegrass in one vacation and a whole lot more. They can visit a Civil War battlefield in the morning or visit where Corvettes are built in the afternoon. They can hike through the forests that greeted Daniel Boone or sip a glass of fine bourbon whiskey. Or enjoy the museums and performances of Louisville along with the geologic wonders of Mammoth Cave. Whatever kind of visit you have planned for Kentucky, keep yourself open to new possibilities: You’ll likely find more than you expect.

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