One of the first thirteen original states who were part of the Union, Maryland joined the Union in 1788.

It is believed that Lord Baltimore, after whom the city of Baltimore is named, received the land charter in 1632 and named the state after Queen Henrietta Maria, the wife to King Charles.

The Mason and Dixon line runs through Maryland, drawn in the late 1760’s to resolve an argument between the Penn and the Calvert families. Mason Dixon not only makes a boundary between Pennsylvania and Maryland, it has also been, traditionally, the boundary that delineates north and south in the United States.

Maryland is known as the “free state” ..its flower is the black-eyed susan; and its capital is Annapolis, which is also the home of the world famous U. S. Naval Academy. Its stately old capitol building is one of the most often photographed buildings in the state.

Maryland Capitol Building

Maryland is home to many tourist attractions, as well as some of the best hiking, hunting and fishing opportunities available. It has a rich and full history, far more than a state its size should have, including the tobacco farming, the prominent place in Civil war history as well as in the formation of the new United States.

Deep Creek Lake, a fishing attraction as well as a small and lovely old world town is but one of the things to see while you are in Maryland. Beautiful archictecture, old abandoned barns and buildings, are some of the more photogenic things that need to be visited while in Maryland.

Abandoned Tobacco Barn

Maryland also boasts some world class seafood, including lobster and crab, as well as some wonderful cultural opportunities.

Maryland has a rich and deep colonial history, and in modern times has become a tidewater wonderland. Part of Marylands charm are old lighthouses, fossil hunters who comb the beaches in search of ancient treasure, hiking in the woodlands and forests, cypress trees and cypress trails as well as the lovely productive vineyards. The Maryland Horse Trials draw a great crowd and feature some of the most beautiful horses and the best riders in the state.

Maryland Horse Trials

Maryland is full of history, and among the places that should be seen are the many battlefields that are part of Marylands prominent place in the American Civil War, including Antietam.

Antietam  Battlefield

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