Sometimes the boundaries between states are illogical Missouri represents a good example of this. The Show Me State reflects the nature of each of its neighbors and even some states further afield.

Along Missouri’s southern border, the colorful small towns seem more like the state’s southern neighbor, Arkansas, with flat terrain, a rural landscape and miles of rivers and springs. As you travel north along the Mississippi River, the flatlands morph into the hillier terrain found in St. Louis and Hannibal.

Springfield, located in the southwestern part of the state, offers outdoor adventures and serves as the gateway to the Ozarks. The western part of the state seems as if it should be annexed by next-door neighbor Kansas, as Kansas City’s decidedly western ambience features a cosmopolitan attitude. To the north, historic sights detail the adventures of outlaw Jesse James and the Pony Express headquarters in St. Joseph. Northeast of St. Joseph is Jamesport, Missouri’s Amish country, and a part of the state that resembles the hills of Pennsylvania.

And with its sites related to several beloved and/or infamous figures from the nation’s past Mark Twain and Harry S Truman in addition to Jesse James Missouri has a knack for making a vacation into a heartland pilgrimage.

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