Allegheny National Forest | Penna.

THe Allegheny National Forest, located in Northwestern Pennsylvania has a wide variety of outdoor activities available to relax and soothe, or to excite and entertain.

Located within this mixed hardwood forest are more than 600 camp sites, access to cabin rentals, 6 canoe accesses, 2 designated wilderness areas and more than twenty miles of hiking, snowmobiling and ATV trails for your consideration.

The Allegheny Forest region is rich in history and cultural resources and while you are here, a few things that you might select to visit in the forest or nearby, are the SawMill Arts Center, Tall Oaks Gift Center, Native American Trading Posts, Nearby Titusville, home of the worlds first oil well at Drake Well Park, as well as Tionesta Lake and Dam where boating, skiing and camping are also permitted.

Creek in Allengheny National Forest

Among the attractions here that wait you are hikes into the forest proper or along hiking trails. As with any other area, please be prepared to view wildlife and make sure that you are prepared to come face to face with them.
Due to the many black bear which find their home in the National Forest you will want to bring bear casks for your open food and you may wish to wear bear bells while hiking in the forests.

Summertime provides for an incredible array of wildflowers, many of which are used medicinally in the United States today, some of which are protected species, as well as the baby wildlife and greenery, while wintertime, presenting its own challenges, will be snowy and ice covered, but lends itself well to winter camping, as well as skiing and hiking.

Smaller Falls in the National Forest

Allegheny National forest can provide for some smaller shopping opportunities, as well as hunting, large game such as white tail deer or black bear, fishing in some of the best trout streams in the United States, snowmobile trails, climbing on many of the rock formations, biking, as well as handicapped accessible trails, wildlife viewing, wild and scenic rivers, multiple water activities including canoeing ,whitewater rafting and kayaking, snowmobiling, skiing, and camping.
There are many breathtaking waterfalls in the rivers and creeks that surround the area as well.

For your convenience there are smaller cabin rentals available throughout the national forest, canoe rentals,and bike rental areas.

Foxglove plant

Firewood brougth from other areas is not permitted in the National forest due to the chance that the Emerald Ash Borer, wood wasp or some other invasive species may be carried in and introcuded.
It is prohibited to possess firewood from another area and it may be purchased here, or the dry fallen timbers may b e used as firewood.

Firewood is also available at or near camping facilities. For more information about emerald ash borer call toll free 1-866-253-7189- or you may go on-line at http://na.fs.fed.us/fhp/eab/ or http://www.emeraldashborer.info.

Additionally some firearm and weaponry laws apply which are as follows:

To carry a concealed weapon, you must have a protection weapon permit from your county sheriff in PA.

If you are from out-of state, you must have a protection permit in your state, and have a protection permit from Pennsylvania. Warren County sheriff will not issue Ohio residents a protection permit, but will issue a sportsmen’s permit that allows concealed weapons for hunting and fishing only.

You may bring weapons that are not concealed (hunting rifles, shotguns, side arms). When transporting it is recommended to carry firearm and ammunition in separate areas – (i.e. Carry firearm in the trunk and ammunition in the car.) Target practice must comply with the PA. Game Commission regulations, i.e. no firing into live trees (see hunting license handbook).
Target shooting is recommended at ranges set up for that purpose (sportsmen’s clubs). We recommend on the ANF using stone pits with a high back wall. Contact the county sheriff for additional information.

Pennsylvania National Forests are “pack it in pack it out” and very stiff penalties apply for those who litter in the National Forest.

Fishing is permitted following state regulations, as is hunting in some areas. When on national forest lands, all persons required to have a state license are also required to have a National Forest Stamp and, when in season, a trout stamp.

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