Palo Verde Trail

State: Arizona
Location: Tonto National Forest
Length, One-Way: 4.7 miles
Trail Type: Out and Back
Minimum Elevation: 1840 feet
Elevation Change: 100 feet
Best Season: Year-Round
Difficulty: Easy
Usage: Light

Trail Information

The Palo Verde Trail begins near the northern edge of the Rattlesnake Cove recreation site. This trail roughly parallels the shoreline of Bartlett Reservoir and provides access to the shore. It crosses washes and small ridges. The Palo Verde Trail offers access to many coves and stretches of shoreline and provides access for swimming stops along with your hike. The trail winds through rocky outcrops and crosses several ridges and hill slopes offering scenic views of Bartlett Reservoir.

The Palo Verde Trail passes through the Arizona Upland Phase of the Sonoran Desert. Flora along the trail includes examples of saguaro cactus, mesquite, palo verde and ironwood trees.


From Cave Creek:
Drive west on Bartlett Road to Bartlett Reservoir and head north to Rattlesnake Cove.

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