Visitors who come to Nebraska are frequently amazed by what they find. Arriving with expectations fitting of a Great Plains state rolling plains and farming towns, they leave after learning that Nebraska is all that and more. More so than most other states, Nebraskas history has been centered on travel ever since the first westbound pioneers steered their wagons up the Platte River Valley in the 1800s. While those early travelers were mainly interested in getting across Nebraska, travelers of today still rush through the state on the way to other places. This is a shame. Nebraska has been central to the country’s history taking the time to see it will allow you to understand better what the U. S. was and what it has become.

Sandhill cranes flock to the fields surrounding the Platte River

Early travelers were too busy to enjoy the beauty of prairie grasslands and didn’t figure that Native Americans were going to show them the sights. That isn’t the case today. There is beauty to enjoy touring a restored pioneer homestead, driving U. S. 30 through small farming towns or watching buffalo on the grassy plains.

Nebraska’s prairie areas still bear the ruts from the passing wagon trains that carried visitors to the western areas of the Untited states and Grand Island’s Stuhr Museum of the Prairie Pioneer will offer you a look at real old time sod homes, transferred to the site for your enjoyment, while in the summertime, they offer classes on Pioneer living.

The state is also home to some of the most incredible wildlife migrations, with February bringing in bald eagles, while April and may offer several million migrating sandhill cranes to the area, which can be viewed at the Rowe Sanctuary, near the Platte River, as well as all across the state, darkening the skies and the surrounding corn fields every morning and evening as they enter to feed.

The Platte River is home to literally millions of migrating waterfowl


September in Nebraska will bring in migrating Monarch butterflies, literally thousands hang from trees in the area, creating a spectacle that should not be missed.

Snow geese, Canadian geese and dragonflies are among the other things which make their way across the state, each in their own seasons.

Omaha, home to PayPal and other high tech companies, is a mecca for those who like computers and computer related industries.

Lincoln, the states capital is home to amazing architecture in the capital building, as well as boasting one of the few no kill feline rescues that have build themselves into a model of how its done. The Cat House in Lincoln Nebraska  is certainly worth a second look.

Whatever your interests and wherever your travels may take you in this great state, you’ll discover that the possibilities are nearly endless.

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