Nevada is the most desolate and empty of the Southwest states, with a population of only 2.5 million, 80% of whom live in the two major metropolitan areas. It well rewards the traveler seeking a more peaceful and isolated Southwest experience. The topography is characterized by long mountain ridges running north-south, with wide, flat basins in between, sometimes with dry lake beds or salt flats all rivers in Nevada run inwards and the water either evaporates or seeps below ground. The far northwest is more open and desert-like. You will find the Black Rock Desert, a huge empty area now frequently used for land speed record attempts, in this part of the state. While the opposite southeast corner is part of the Mojave Desert and has temperatures over 100F for several months of the year.

Nevada, USA | Nevada Travel Guide

The vast majority of visitors to the state travel to Las Vegas and nowhere else. Besides the fact that Las Vegas is a fun place to be, this is partly because the main attraction of Nevada lies in the emptiness, the stark beauty and vast scale of much of the landscape and the sense of frontier life that can still experienced in the remote countryside.

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