New Jersey

The earliest history of New Jersey in colonial times was intertwined with New York and the Netherlands, which it was, at that time, a part of. One year after the Dutch surrendered to England, New Jersey became organized as an English colony under its own governor, Carteret.

In the latter part of the 1600’s this new colony was divided on itself , between Carteret and a company of Quakers from England, who had gained the rights that had previously belonged to Lord Berkeley.

Dingman Falls

New Jersey at that time became a crown colony, administered by the Governor of New York. It was not separated from New York until the middle of the 1700’s, where, because of its very key location, it saw a great deal of fighting, and racked up a great deal of history during the American Revolution.

Today’s New Jersey is has a rich tapestry of history, and a wide array of industry and diversity, being known as the “crossroads of the east”. Products can be delivered overnight from nearly fifteen thousand factories to sixty million people who are represented in 13 states as well as Washington DC.

Delware Water Gap

Their single largest industry is chemical, while others are pharmaceuticals, machinery and electrical goods.

New Jersey boasts over a million acres of productive farmlands, producing nearly any kind of vegetable, and some of the most perfect peaches, blueberries and cranberries that can be bought, but the industry that ranks second, is tourism.

New Jersey has multiple wonderful resorts located on its nearly 150 miles of coast line. Legal gambling casinos dot the landscape making a great deal of interest in not only the seaside resorts, but the ability to gamble that lies inside them.

Remarkable architecture and wonderful old historical sites are a further draw to this tiny, but very great state.

New Jersey State Aquarium

Aside from the seaside, some other points of real interest in the lovely state are the Delaware Water Gap, the Thomas Edison National Historic Site in West Orange and Liberty State Park, Jersey City as well as the unparalleled Princeton University.

The Delaware Water Gap is just what it says, and so much more. The Delaware River, forming what is a gaping hole in the Appalachian Mountains through which it flows, left a craggy gap that is spectacular, forming falls, and a surrounding recreational area that is known world wide.

For another amazing world class treat, don’t forget to visit the N. J. State Aquarium in Camden when you come to New Jersey.

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