New York

Diversity and contrast, that’s New York. The thunderous and spectacular Niagara Falls, the rugged mountains of the Adirondacks, the enchanting Catskills, all the lakes great and small, the Hudson River, and Fire Island the variety and range of natural amenities is awesome!

For visitors, upstate New York is a great place to unwind: The mountains of the Catskills and the Adirondacks provide cool greenery to those weary of big-city concrete. Saratoga Springs offers restorative spas and the tranquil Finger Lakes present a near perfect vista. But upstate New York isn’t just for relaxation therapy. You can go downhill skiing on the state’s many slopes or exercise your learning skills at museums and historic sites. And merely trying to see Niagara Falls from every available vantage point will require vacationers to be in top-notch sightseeing condition.

And then, there’s the city, the Big Apple… New York City, the one and only. Shop on Fifth Avenue, feel the excitement of Times Square, the world of Wall Street, the vitality of Carnegie Hall. See the city from atop the Empire State Building, and feel the emotion of history and the hope of the future at the Statue of Liberty.

With the selection of mountains, culture and spas, New York will not disappoint. And don’t forget New York City!

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