North Carolina

The New year is the perfect time to start planning your vacation to North Carolina in 2008. You can spice up the wintertime when you have a summer adventure planned to one of the three distinct and separate regions that North Carolina offers.

The mountain region, home to some of the best ski adventures in the United States is but one of the places North carolina offers, along with some wine testing and tasting in the Piedmont region, or the coast, home to what has been called the “best beach” in the United States.

Water flows off a mountain in NC

Fontana Lake offers pristine waters where you can stay on a houseboat for a night, or hike into the forests to view the wildlife, or ride a steam engine through the mountains of North Carolina

Houseboats on Fontana Lake

The coastal areas of North Carolina offer sun, sailing and peace with some of the most relaxing coastlines available, while Piedmont can afford you perfectly manicured gardens, hot air balloons and incomparable zoological parks, and the mountain regions will offer mountain whitewater rafting, motor sports, farmers markets in Raleigh and some old time views such as split rail fencing, pink mountain rhododendrons, scenic overlooks of the mountains and valleys below and perfect snow capped evergreen trees. You can see it all from a steam engine ride if you so desire, taking the chugging train through passes that exhibit the landscape in all its glory

A Steamy Ride through North Carolina

Visit Raleigh, the perfect night life, with every type cuisine from southern fried to Caribbean to African, while the craft and farmers markets will afford you the perfect souvenir to remind you of a trip that was unsurpassed anywhere else.

Wilmington’s Rusty Nail Saloon features musicians from all walks of life and talent who flock to the club every Tuesday, after spending a day at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, where you can get a face to face experience with marine life and end the visit with the 306,000-gallon Living Shipwreck exhibit, displaying aquatic habitats in a model of a real sunken German submarine off NC’s coast. The Amazing home at Biltmore features some remarkable architecture and columns that will make you think you are in ancient Rome. It’s all worth a second look here, from outside to inside, you won’t want to miss a thing.

North Carolina, from outdoorsman to shopping maven, truly has something to offer everyone.

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