North Dakota

The fear of “forty below keeps the riff-raff out.” This is perhaps North Dakota’s most famous saying. The cold temperatures along with the state’s rather remote location helps to keep out a lot of vacationers. We think this is unfortunate but it does provide some benefits. North Dakota’s appeal lies in its solitude and wide-open spaces. And it’s relieving to be able to take a picture without having to ask people to move aside first. Most people who find their way to North Dakota will be happy they did. Because it’s sparse on people both residents and vacationers alike North Dakota has a lot of wildlife. The creation of refuges and parks has kept the animal population strong, and travelers have plenty of good spots to view native species such as bison, mule deer, bighorn sheep and coyotes.

The state has played a large role in the history of westward expansion in North America. An abundance of historic sites and museums gives visitors a better understanding of how the state and the country evolved into their present forms. And with one of the largest Native American populations in the U. S., North Dakota also provides a good introduction to the culture, both in the past and as it exists today.

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