Ohio, the birthplace of seven U. S. presidents, the first professional baseball team, and that all-American favorite, the hot dog!But Ohio has never let itself get stuck in the past. Ohio grew into a highly industrialized state in large part due to its geography. With ports along Lake Erie, major rivers, and rolling plains, Ohio was perfectly situated to grow as America grew, and to provide what America needed. Cleveland and Cincinnati helped forge the industrial age, but when the industries hit hard times, they managed to exchange rusting factories for gleaming city centers. And in this, the age of computers, Columbus has created some of the highest tech in the country.

The state is also the eastern end of the corn and meat belts, with agriculture contributing to Ohio’s economic strength. And it’s refreshing to find a place that can both remember the past and move toward the future.

And Ohio is fun, too: The new and old make first-rate travel attractions. You can go from serene countryside, traditional crafts and the decidedly un-modern Amish to trendy entertainment zones and interactive museums. Since its construction in 1995 in Cleveland, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has been welcoming visitors from all over the world to explore the legends, roots, and history of rock music. Or if the outdoors is more your speed, you can enjoy places like the Lake Erie Islands, whose beaches and waters are appealing whether you are into new or old.

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