Aztec Ruins National Monument

Location: Aztec New Mexico

Aztec Ruins, New Mexico

The Aztec Ruins in New Mexico is an opportunity to hike through what was once a center of culture for the south western Indians.
The area is a series of passageways backward in time through a Pueblo society that held over five hundred rooms of stone.

The original timbers remain, supporting the roof of many of the structures you can explore, and the stucco walls offer up the finger prints of the workers who built them.

Your hike in the Aztec Ruins will take you through some areas which lie in ruins, while others have been reconstructed for your enjoyment.
The Great Kiva will sound with the ritual drums as you wander through it.

Your trip to the Aztec Ruins will permit you to get up close and personal with the ages old Pueblo great houses, which lie in the West Ruins.

Your hike through the ruins will be just over a mile long, and is self guided.
The walk is literally a walk back in time.
A great day trip, the interpretive trail offers you some modern day archeological finds as well as the chance to see the wood roofing, the original mortar in the walls of the buildings.

At the end of the hike, the Great Kiva is an outstanding semi-subterranean building, which is over 40-feet in in diameter and served as the social and religious structure for the ancient tribes.
It has been reconstructed and remains the oldest, as well as the largest building of its type.

There are rangers in the area, who will, at scheduled intervals offer discussion , and at various times during the year you will find lectures and Native American traditional crafts in the hiking area as well to add to your enjoyment of the hike.

Spend a day hiking in an outstanding climate while viewing the historical Aztec Ruins.

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