Garden of the Gods National Park Rock Climbing

The Garden of the Gods is a registered National Landmark park that is situated near Colorado Springs Colorado, about sixty minutes from Denver Colorado.

Garden of the Gods park  is open to the public and there is no cost for its use.

The Garden of the Gods is a hiker’s paradise, as well as an amazing place for wildlife viewing and photography. It is also used for horseback riding, and multiple other recreational activities, however people come to the park for a lot more than just hiking and bicycling, but also for the rock climbing opportunities that the Garden of the Gods offers them.

Although its necessary to register at the Visitor Center when you enter the park and to fill out some paperwork to register, it takes just a few minutes and you’re on your way.

There are routes that must be used for the climb and only technical climbing is allowed on those. There is no rappelling in the park.
To climb in garden of the Gods you need to read over all the current regs while you’re in the visitors center and to climb in groups of two or more. If you leave webbing it has to match the rocks, which is common sense. Try to not leave anything at all.
They do ask that you use eco chalk when climbing and if you don’t have it with you, it is on sale at the center, however its better to take your own.

Your climbing equipment is going to be inspected, and the right equipment is mandatory to be allowed to climb here, but its well worth your time.
You are in for the climb of a lifetime.

The rocks are red sandstone, and as such tend to be very slippery when they are damp or wet. Common sense should kick in and if you see damp stone, don’t climb. We guarantee you its slick.
Any rock climbing in the Garden of the Gods has to follow these rules, and you need to check in and do your permits, otherwise the climb will be illegal and you’re going to be subject to fines and penalties.

One word of caution. There is no other safety equipment in place and you are responsible for your own safety and that of your party. Make sure you’ve got your first aid kits in place and your climbing gear is in good repair.

. Proper climbing equipment is mandatory and the use of eco-chalk* is recommended. All other climbing or rock scrambling in Garden of the Gods Park is illegal.

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