Hiking the Black Dragon Canyon

Black Dragon Canyon Trail

* Distance: 3 miles
* Time:  approximately 2 hours
* Elevation gain over hike: 200 feet
* Difficulty: mild to moderate
* Location: Southeast-central Utah, about 15 miles west of the town of Green River.
* Permitted: Hikers, dogs, horses. Good hike for kids however there is no wheelchair accessibility.


From Green River, UT, go on  Interstate 70 west for about 15 miles. Turn north onto a dirt road  which you will find after mile marker 145, and when you’ve gone a bit over a mile, then you will turn west onto another dirt road, which you will travel for about half a mile until you reach the mouth of the Dragon Canyon.

Contact Information:

BLM Moab District, San Rafael Resource Area, 125 South 600 West, Price, UT 84501; (435) 636-3600.
Trail notes

Black Dragon Canyon is an easier hike through a deep canyon which will delight you in that it is covered in pictographs and wonderful finds from early Native Americans.

Near the mouth, a large overhang,  which is also one you’ll probably be able to drive right up to with your vehicle affords you a wonderful campsite if you’re in the market for staying the night.

An old jeep track gives you a super level walking surface for most the hike.

About 200 yards past the overhang, you’ll find the first panel of exceptional ancient drawings, and in reality, these are the reason why you’re going to find most of the hikers coming here. The hiking isn’t all that spectacular, and isn’t truly a challenge but the pictographs are most amazing and they are absolutely must see parts of the canyon.

Beyond the panel, after less than two miles of walking below tall, sculpted sandstone walls, the canyon forks off. The south fork takes you back towards Interstate 70, while the  north fork offers more fascinating canyon walls and further pictographs for you to view.

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