Lake Wenatchee State Park

Location: Leavenworth Washington Area
State: Washington
Seasons: All
Activities: Hiking, Boating, Dogsledding, Snowshoeing, Trail Riding, Backpacking, Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Ice Climbing


Lake Wenatchee State Park covers a broad base of climates and environments, its expanse more than 450 acres with over 12000 feet of waterfront on Lake Wenatchee, a glacial fed lake. With everything from winter camping to dogsledding to volleyball this park has just about anything that you could possibly desire in the way of outdoor activities.

The park itself is literally cut in half by the Wenatchee river, creating two separate and distinct areas, The Southern, with areas for camping, swimming and horseback riding and the Northern, which is part of a far less developed, deeply forested section, a quarter-mile walk from the lake.

Lake Wenatchee Wasington

Lake Wenatchee park is smack in the middle of bear country, a natural wildlife paradise,. but you should of course be aware of the bears presence, and when hiking wear bear bells and carry your spray.
There are other natural dangers in the park as well. The park is a natural wildlife area, and visitors should be aware of the presence of bears and other natural dangers.

Winter camping is allowed for tent and RV campers in a designated day-use area adjacent to the beach. The north campground and trailer dump are closed for the winter, but south campground will remain open. Utility hook-ups are not available during the winter.As the park is in bear country, coolers must be stowed and kept well away from your sleeping areas.
In addition to hiking the park features more than five miles of horse back riding trails, and a concession offers rental horses for either day trips or overnight camping.

Year round the park is the center of recreational opportunity, with other activities featured being boating, sledding, snowshoeing, with a 1 mile interpretive snowshoe trail as well.

According to the Parks Officials, activities you may enjoy here are:

* Boating (freshwater)
* Boating (freshwater, non-motorized)
* 1 boat ramp (freshwater)
* 16 feet of dock (freshwater)
* Fishing (freshwater)
* Personal Watercraft (freshwater)
* Swimming (freshwater)
* Water Skiing (freshwater)
* White-water Kayaking
*Ice climbing
*Rock Climbing
Among the parks features are:
* 1 Amphitheater
* Beachcombing
* Bird Watching
* 200 Fire Circles
* 1 Fire Circle (sheltered)
* Golf
* Interpretive Activities
* Mountain Biking
* Mountain Climbing
* Rock Climbing
* Sailboarding
* 1 Volleyball Field
* Wildlife Viewing

The South Side of the Lake

Additional Information:

“Lake Wenatchee is in a transition zone between wet, western Washington woodlands and the drier pine and fir of the eastern Cascades. The lake is of glacial origin, dammed up at the foot by glacial gravels and wash. The White River and the Little Wenatchee River combine to fill the lake at its western end.

Mosquitos may be prevalent May to early July, so visitors are encouraged to bring repellant. Annual rainfall is 24 inches, and annual average snowfall is 150 inches.”


Located 18 miles northwest of Leavenworth, Wash.

From U.S. Highway 2 at Stevens Pass:
Drive 20.5 miles east, and turn north on SR 207.

From Leavenworth:
Follow Highway 2 west to State Route 207. To reach the south park campground and day-use area, turn left on Cedar Brae Road after 3.5 miles, and continue .25 mile to park entrance. North park campground entrance is one mile beyond the south park turnoff on Highway 207, 4.5 miles north of Highway 2.

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