New York | Finger Lakes Region

In upstate New York lie a group of lakes which are popular destinations for tourists, providing an ample playground for fishing, rafting, canoeing and hiking.
The area, known as the Finger Lakes, is famous however for much more than just outdoor activity, which is quite prolific.

Second only to the Napa Valley in California, the Finger Lakes area is also famed for its wine production, the entire area dotted with vineyards and wineries which provide ample hiking opportunities in just that region alone.

The Finger lakes today are also known for the incredible fishing opportunities with trout, bass, perch and many other varieties of fish able to be taken.

The Finger Lakes is also a famed hunting area, with white tail deer abounding there.

Watkins Glen, a small town near the Finger Lakes is famed for its water falls and the many hiking areas, as well as the scenery that is available to the hiker to the area.

Outdoor activities here are ample in both summer and winter.
Summertime sees canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hunting and hiking, taking place in the Finger Lakes region,  as well as  the perfect air currents of the Finger Lakes region it a popular place for hang glider and glider pilots.

Things to do in the Finger Lakes in the wintertime include skiing, both downhill and cross country, snowshoeing, as well as snowmobiling and ice fishing, which  are very popular and are  available  to the visitor to the Finger Lakes region of New York  who travels to the region.

Not just outside activities are available to the hiker who visits the Finger Lakes, but also many indoor activities including the Museum to celebrate womens suffrage, which had its beginnings here.

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