Outdoor Travel in Madagascar

Madagascar is in truth, as they say, place of timelessness. Rolled into this island nation is beauty and poverty as well as an explorers paradise.
The island is home to some 15 million people, yet does not possess a single traffic light.
Enough said about its advancement.
The surfing off Madagascar is literally unseen elsewhere in the world, and the diving and snorkeling are unparalleled.

Madagascars beaches are among the most beautiful in the world

You could quite easily spend a month on Madagascar and not see or do all that there is to be seen or be done.
The outdoor vacation on Madagascar can range from the pristine sunny beaches of Nosy Be if you want to enjoy interacting with the locals, or the Ile ste Marie for taking some time away from it all.
Ile St Marie offers seclusion, diving and snorkeling as well as national parklands where you can enjoy a range of wildlife viewing that will include giant chameleons and lemur, as well as a great variety of other wildlife.
The native foods can be enjoyed on the beach and the wineries are exquisite.
There are aside from all of these things, mountains for you to conquer.

For those who like their adventures of a water variety, paddling the Tsiribihina river is probably for you, particularly in light of the fact that you are braving this river in a dugout canoe, and along the way taking in villages and wildlife that has been in the area for hundreds of years.

Camping by the riverside is permitted, but not for the faint hearted and if you choose to do so, make certain that you bring along a good supply of insect repellent.

YOur trek down the river will bring you into close proximity with the Anja Reserve where you can actually get quite close to the native ring-tailed lemurs.

Madagascar is not only an adventure but is remarkably beautiful

There is also a most incredible stone factory located in Antsirabe, which is a wonderful place to purchase souvenirs at a cost thats going to surprise you.

The awe inspiring rain forest at Ranomafana will show you an incredible array of plants, vastly high waterfalls, as well as the very rare Golden Bamboo Lemur, who actually lives there in large numbers, where you can also find Sifakas and wooly lemurs to delight you.

In the Perinet National Park you can also view the Indri Indri, which has the call that sounds a great deal like whale sound, and the very tiny mouse lemur, which will delight you with its diminutive size.

All in all, Madagascar will delight you, surprise you and impress you.
The only word that covers it appropriately is.. paradise.

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