Picnicing Is Still Outdoor Activity

One good way to have fun and enjoy some scenery is by going on a family picnic. A day at the beach or a picnic at a state or national park is a great deal of fun and doesn’t have to be hard charging. Some activities outdoors can offer relaxation and fn to the entire family and not necessarily require a great deal of physical fitness. Many people think that if they aren’t participating in some type activity they can’t enjoy the outdoors.

A picnic gives you the same access to the outside world, lets you check out nature, enjoy the fresh air and still be able to relax. They can provide you the chance to get caught up on what everybody in the family has been doing. A picnic gives you a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace and relax in an atmosphere free from responsibilities. To have a fun picnic, you need to plan ahead for food and fun.

Include everyone in your family who can possibly go to the picnic. Even grandma and grandpa can at least sit at the picnic table. Be sure everybody brings everything that they need. If babies are coming along, make sure you have stocked diaper bags and bring a playpen with you. People might be getting wet, so changes of clothes may be in order. Be sure to bring along plenty of sunscreen and some water.

While a potluck may be fun, it is a good idea to figure out what type of picnic you’re going to have and assign people to bring certain foods. For example, if you decide to grill hamburgers, make sure someone is assigned to bring condiments, someone is assigned to bring chips, etc. S’mores are always fun for the kids, so be sure to bring some large marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers. You may also need a small grill, charcoal briquettes, and matches. Be sure to bring any cooking utensils you need. Use strong paper plates and plastic spoons and forks for easy clean up.

You might want to bring along blankets, Frisbees, and anything else you need to make your picnic fun. Planning your activities in advance lets you know what you have to look forward to and ensures you include everything you need. All this preparation may make it look like the family picnic can be a chore. But the better you prepare the less you need to worry about and the more you can enjoy your time outdoors.

Be sure everybody who is going knows where the picnic will be. A good picnic spot is within a three hour drive from your house unless you plan to make a night of it. Even a drive within a few miles of your house can make the picnic seem like a mini-vacation. Think about what you want to do during the picnic when deciding the place. You might want to choose a spot near a river or stream if your kids like the water. If you picnic in a clearing, then there will be plenty of space for the children to run and play. A family picnic should be relaxing fun for everybody.

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