Rafting the Colorado River

Rafting the Colorado River

Colorado River Rafting takes place typically from April to September, with June being a prime month. It’s an adventure that delivers both breath taking beauty and catch-your-breath excitement to people of many ages. This particular destination has grown in popularity, meaning book early. All the tours available are typically rated according to the class of the rapids (how gentle or heart-pumping). For example, if you’re taking your whole family you’ll want to look for rapids rated from Class I – Class III rapids. Those wishing to ride on the wild side can seek out Class 5 (the higher the number, the greater the challenge).

Many people traveling wonder about the safety of this type of trip. With professional guides the risk is minimal. You don’t have to have experience in rafting, and you can go solo with a guide or a take a whole group. The key here, as always, is doing a good background check on potential guides/tour operators to find one that’s trusted. Operators that have memberships in groups like America Outdoors or Colorado River Outfitters Association are ones who also will be following the newest safety protocols.

Individuals who have had trips waylaid due to weather will be happy to know that rafting companies typically take their tours out even if its raining. This is one adventure with a very low instance of cancellations. Some tours do have age and health requirements for safety reasons, so if you have any concerns about either make sure to read tour descriptions carefully.

Cost wise, you can expect to pay an average of $150 for Class V rafting, and around $90 for less rigorous adventures. If a guide is dramatically lower than $100 for Class V, or $60 for Class III and below, look a little closer at the qualifications of the individuals and their equipment.

Once you’re booked remember leave behind any items that cannot get wet, or that you’re afraid to lose. Pack water gear, towels, sun screen and a hunger for fun. Enjoy!

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