Pennsylvania, called the Keystone state, is one of the thirteen original colonies in the New World. It has been an important seat of government for a newly forming America nearly since the beginning.

On the eve of its colonization, Pennsylvania was home to many of the tribes of Native Americans, such as Delaware, Shawnee and Iroquois, many of whom still remain there and offer their crafts, history and dance to visitors to the state..

Slippery Rock Creek

Pennslyvania’s rich history and a landscape that can be described at best as wilderness laden, make it well known for being among the most beautiful states in the US. It has pristine creeks as large as rivers, multiple outdoor opportunities that include horseback riding, camping or even just a canoe ride through the rapids.

There is culture, history, wildlife and modern living all available to you from one end of the state to another, while in the middle, the Pocono Mountains, one of the better known honeymoon resorts nation wide offers a welcome.

Pennsylvania can afford you the opportunity to ride a steam engine though Titusville, the valley that changed the world, with the worlds first oil well, and move into a riverboat ride that twists and winds through the Clarion river to give you glimpses of wildlife and city dwellings.

Pennsylvania is largely mixed hardwood forests, interspersed with fir, ash and aspen trees, thick underbrush and heavy ground cover. It is prized for its hunting, of bear and whitetail deer, the magnificent fishing opportunities as well as its vast forests, affording ample camping opportunity, high mountains and wonderful city scapes.

Pennsylvania has a great deal to offer the tourist, among those things, deep rivers and vast forestry that provide unsurpassed outdoor adventures, as well as some of the largest cities in the US, including Philadelphia, home of the Liberty Bell, also called the city of brotherly love. Home to Benjamin Franklin as well as the birthplace of the declaration of Independence.

Pittsburgh, home to many of the steel mills and industries of Pennsylvania houses also some wonderful theater and art centers, as well as some of the best teaching hospitals in the world.

Gettysburg as home to some of the most vaunted and violent battles of the Civil War, and also to the cemetery where President Lincoln made his famous Gettysburg address, is a historians dream, with its many battlefield reenactments and incredible rich history. Having spent a great deal of time there, I can recommend that it is something that will change your life, when you  have visited the area.

Pennsylvania also boasts one of the only elk herds east of the Mississippi River, housed in Elk County Pennsylvania, and viewable from many pulloffs and scenic areas that will also allow for your viewing of the world famous foliage during autumn months. Benezette Township, famous for the elk and their size is a small community whose welcome is also famous.

Pennsylvania Elk

Pennsylvania is also home to many historic covered bridges, among only a few states which have kept these in condition that makes them landmarks.

Railroad Trestle Bridge in Fall

Tionesta Lake can bring you watersports such as water skiing, while the Pocono mountains offer downhill skiing and with an annual snowfall of about 10o inches, cross country skiing is one of the main sports in the state.

Pennsylvania has something to offer to everyone, whether your pleasure is hunting, fishing, theater, arts, history,Native American Dance or a hike through the National Forests.

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