Outdoor Adventures in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

In Northeastern Pennsylvania is a mountainous mecca that calls to honeymooners, fishermen, hunters and sports enthusiasts of all types.

Difficult or easy scenic trails for hiking, waterfalls gushing off a rocky hillside, historical Native American trails and sites, and so much more are waiting for you in the Poconos. For the less adventurous, the Poconos Speedway, and many famous resorts as well as a casino are there for your enjoyment.

You can see by the ice and steep hills that some of the hiking will be challenging

Known nationally as one of the premier spots for skiing and winter sports as well as being a romantic winter getaway, the Pocono mountains are the idea vacation spot or weekend getaway.
It is, during the winter months, difficult to access and sometimes takes a bit of effort, but due to the lack of a large population and the remote area as well as the sheer size of it, you’re going to find that those who go there are like minded individuals who like their outdoors, love a challenge and don’t mind a bit of extra effort to get either one.
People just like you.

The Poconos are the ideal vacation for summer or winter, featuring skiing, fishing from the Delaware River or the seemingly endless chain of over 100 lakes that fills the region.

The mixed hardwood forests are striking in autumn

You can camp outside on a hillside, or take advantage of one of the several luxurious resorts that exist here, so whatever your idea of a fun weekend, you’re going to find it.
Not only are the Poconos alive with scenic beauty that will take your breath away but if you are an art, or a crafts lover, there are amazing little out of the way shops and crafting stores to quench your appetite for those type things as well.

Common scenes in Pennsylvania this is where the water has run off a rocky hillside and frozen

The casino will let you spend some indoors time in games of chance while if you prefer more quiet entertainment, the museums of the hill and mountain people are also part and parcel of the experience and several music festivals are also carried out throughout the course of the year.
Outside recreational activities are unparalleled with so much to see and do that you can’t possibly accomplish it all in one trip.

LIlies dot the surface of one of the many small lakes

A wide variety of wildlife are ther for your viewing as well, with eagles, hawks, black bear and white tail deer among the many animals you will share your hiking trail with.

The area offers:,
Kayak and whitewater rafting on the Delaware River
Riverside fishing
Hiking and trails
Horseback riding
Bass Perch and Trout fishing
Mountain biking
Water skiing
Trail biking

Come and see if the Poconos can’t get you out of those winter doldrums and give you an entirely new outlook on life.

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