Rafting the Nantahala

The Nantahala, which is located just about ten miles west of Bryson City North Carolina on US Highway 19, the Nantahala river is one of the most popular whitewater rafting sites in the United States, as well as being the site of the Olympic training for Olympic Kayakers.
Beyond doubt it is the most popular water vacation spot in the Eastern US, and brings in more than 150 thousand rafters each year to its white water and placid pool combinations.

 Whitewater Rafting through the Nantahala Gorge

Exciting enough for the experienced and easygoing enough for the beginning rafter it is the best place in the world, bar none, to being your whitewater rafting hobby.

Without a doubt, it is the most popular in the Southeast luring more than 200,000 paddlers to its waters every year. A perfect combination of frisky whitewater and placid pools, the Nantahala is a great introduction to the exciting sport of whitewater paddling.

The Nantahal River, boasting both class 2 as well as class 3 rapids, is termed a family river that is both safe and suitable for children as well as seniors, provided they are in relatively good shape and the children are at least seven years of age and weigh sixty pounds or more.

The Nantahala River with wall to wall rafts

If you think being a family river means that there isn’t any excitement, come on down and try it on for size. At the end of the eight mile course, you’re going to find a superb climax as you plunge down the class three Nantahala Falls to the bottom, which is challenging enough for the Kayaking team at the US Olympics to choose this course to train on.

Omigosh THIS is family entertainment??

The river also boasts a great number of outfitters who will help you with your trip and each one of them will add a personal touch, providing life jackets, rafters are also required to attend a presentation of safety materials before they are permitted on the river.

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