Rhode Island

While Rhode Island as a state may be relatively small in comparison to most of the others, one city alone contains attractions that will amaze, delight and entertain. Providence alone has some vast historic structures, among them the Rhode Island School of Design, the Museum of Art, as well as American, Latin, European Folks art displays.

Bought from the Narrangansett Indians  by some religious exiles from the state of Massachusetts, the first settlement here was built in Providence, about 1630, or a bit later.

During the colonial times,  many large sailing fleets from Newport, traded their goods for slaves from Africa, and sold cargo in the West Indies, regurning with sugar, wine and molassess.

Tall Sailing Ship

Eventually the taxes and rules levied on them by England drew anger and Rhode Island was the first state to declare their independence from England.

Rhode Island had a major rold to play in the overall building of the new country called America, as they began textile companies and shipped from this area as well.

They became a manufacturing hub in the new country as well as a major shipping port, and with its long association with the sea and sea life, it is a favorite vacation spot for fishermen as well as those who are interested in seagoing, or maritime hsitory.

St Johns Cathedral

For those who taken an interest in architecture, some of the  historic designs of houses of worship will also find a great deal to interest them.

The Cathedral of St Peter and St Paul feature some of the most marvelous architecture as well as the more beautiful stained glass windows that are viewable today.. While St Johns features more of the  same.
Among the many beautiful and photogenic aspects of Rhode Island are the old cobblestone walkways, amphitheaters and a number of picturesque locations for picnicing and outside activities.

Many miles of trails dot the landscape of Rhode Island as well as the famous Forty Steps, the perfect spot for family get-togethers or an easy Saturday afternoon in the fresh air.

The Westminster Arcade, one of the best shopping experiences in Rhode Island,  constructed in 1828, the Arcade is considered to be the oldest enclosed shopping mall in the United States.

The entire facility was refurbished and expanded with a makeover in 1980, and presently contains an eclectic mixture of well-known national chains as well as an impressive array of locally owned shops.

From tall ships in the harbor, to tall buildings in the city, there is a lot to see in this little state.

Nibbles Woodaway, another tourist attraction to the Rhode Island area,  Nibbles was originally known as The Bug, and was the brainchild of the New England Pest Control.

Nibbles Woodaway, mascot of New England Pest Control

A contest conducted in 1990 provided the more imaginative name for the giant termite mascot considered to be over 928 times the size of a standard termite, with a height of over nine feet and a length of fifty-eight feet. Considered a local landmark, Nibbles has been featured on a number of television shows and even in a few motion pictures.
He is full hurricane proof and it has been said that the building could blow away and Nibbles would remain.
No visit to Rhode Island is complete without a visit to the bug.

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