Traveling to Tennessee will leave you breathless in awe of all that this tiny state has to offer. There is a plethora of natural beauty, wide and sweeping panoramic views of breathtaking mountains, southern hospitality, calm and pleasant weather, as well as some kind of activity for everyone from the outdoorsman, to the theater goer to the country music fan, to those who love Appalachian art and crafts.

The home of President Andrew Jackson, Elvis Presleys Graceland are just a few of the attractions awaiting you in Tennessee.

Nashville Home of Andrew Jackson

Situated withing a single days drive of over 50 percent of the population of the United states, there is little more you could ask for in a travel or vacation destination.

Whenever you visit Tennessee there is usually mild weather, and a comfy environment that permits you to enjoy the outside or the inside in comfort.

The springtime is alive with wildflowers, dogwoods dotting the Smoky mountain landscape, while summer provides a mild climate to view the outside world. Autumn colors are among the best in the world, with the mixed hardwood forests bringing a coloration that is unparalleled elsewhere in the mountain regions.

Wintertime will bring light dustings of snowfall, easy flakes falling mildly to the earth to be photographed or walked through easily.

Great Smokey Mountains in Autumn

The Nashville Basin is home to a wide array of things to see and do, from the great Smokey Mountains, to the Grand Old Opry, to an abundance of rivers, lakes and streams as well as rolling hills and mountains for the hiker or avid outdoors person.

The steep slopes and ridges called the Highland Rim will move you easily into , East Tennessee which affords a mountainous region including the Great Smoky Mountains.

Elvis' Graceland Mansion

The Tennessee River winding its way back into the state from the west, dropping downward toward Alabama and back into tennessee will offer you fishing that is the best in the are, while Chattanooga and Nashville give a fine dining, dancing and theater opportunities for those who love the night life.

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