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Deserts. Ice-capped mountains. Lush farmlands. An immense gorge. Rugged shorelines. Towering rain forests. You could spend several weeks taking in all that scenery. You could experience it all in a single day in Washington. Not that we recommend it. This is land demanding that you stop and enjoy each park and scenic vista.

Americans and international travelers are discovering what locals have long known: that Washington contains some of the most diverse and fascinating country in the Lower 48. The state’s forests are no secret they don’t call it the ‘Evergreen State’ for nothing but the abundance of other attractions is astounding.

A Map of Washington, DC, USA
A Map of Washington, DC, USA

Lively and literate Seattle one of the nation’s most enjoyable and sophisticated metropolitan areas. The quiet beauty of the San Juan Islands. The remote majesty of North Cascades National Park with glacier-clad summits. These are just a few of the other things you would miss.

For the visitor, Washington offers almost too much to see.

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  1. ki hiki hi
    July 23, 2008

    Please note that the map of washington state is mislabeled. The image’s title reads as, “A Map of Washington, DC, USA” and should actually read “A Map of Washington state, USA”.

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