West Virginia

The motto applied to this state couldn’t be more correct. “Wild and Wonderful” West Virginia enjoys the distinction of having four very separate seasons and each one of them has a unique beauty that is unseen anywhere else in the world.

There is a great deal of beauty to be seen in West Virginia, and a vast and rich history, as well as wildlife that is diverse and unique. The landscape is mountainous, with heavy ground cover, among the most photogenic anywhere I’ve been.

Home to the New River Gorge, many Historic Battlefields and as many as ten state parks, incredible mountains and amazing hollows, West Virginia is a hiker or outdoorsmans paradise. You will not take more than ten steps without a glimpse of a spotted fawn, black bear or a huge West Virginia Buck, just a few of the species found here waiting for your camera to capture their progress up the mountain.

Blackwater Falls, named for the falling water of the Blackwater River , an incredible sight, with amber colored waters plunging nearly five stories who then tumble and twist their way through a river gorge that is nearly eight miles long.

The “black” water is a result of tannic acid from fallen hemlock and red spruce needles. The falls are one of the most photographed and incredible natural beauties in West Virginia.

Whitewater rafting in West Virginia is absolutely unparalleled, the state being known as “America’s Best Whitewater” it is famous for outdoor adventure activities, and as you raft through the rapids, the sides will display a beauty of nature that is unimaginable, with the whitetail families, huge buck and tiny spotted fawns, as well as mountain lion, black bear and small wolverine all displayed.

Twin Fawns, West Virginia

Its history of coal mining towns such as Thurmond and Hinton, which were formed in the railroads heyday, you can find yourself walking deep inside a coal mind and learning how life was lived in a coal mining came should you visit the exhibition mine that is located at Beckley, or peeking in on nearly any kind of wildlife that exists simply by a hike over a rough and rugged mountainside.

Aside from its hiking opportunities, West Virginia is also famous for its fishing, snow tubing parks, with a vast amount of snow dropped in the state every year, however there is another side of wild wonderful West Virginia, with a wide array of glass plants, most of which were begun many decades ago in the state.

Home to the Fenton Art Glass company, there are tours available to watch your art glass being made. Fenton, famous worldwide for the quality of its glassware, began its operations here in West Virginia and today is one of the most well known and widely collected types of glassware.

With Coal Mine, Civil War & Railroad towns and museums as well as manyl Scenic Highways to soak in the sights and the history of the mountains you won’t be without something to occupy your time when you visit West Virginia.

Aside from all of those things previously mentioned West Virginia boasts championship golf courses, world class wineries and theatre opportunities that are historical and entertaining, as well as caverns that open to display a colorful beauty as you wander through their depths.

Smoke Hole Caverns, West Virginia

The French Creek Game farm provides a chance to get even closer to the wildlife that is so teeming in West Virginia, with its whitetail deer, and many other species.

A visit to Wild and Wonderful West Virginia is more than worth your time. This tiny state has a history in Civil War, Coal Mining, Native Americans, Railroad building, and mountaineering that is so rich that you will be unable to absorb it all in one visit.

Black Bear on a West Virgina Mountain

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